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Krown Rust Treatments

Canada's #1 Rust Protection Company

Krown Rust Treatments in Syracuse, NY

Maximize the life of your vehicle with Krown,  Canada's #1 company in rustproofing for over a quarter century. Krown rust inhibitors stand up to ocean salt, road salt, and low temperatures in the northernmost environments of North America. You can drive confident that Krown will protect your vehicle in New York and wherever your travels take you.

Krown rustproofing treatment is a pressurized spray and rust inhibitor that penetrates car and truck crevices, joints, welded seams, and folds to provide corrosion and rust protection.

Rustproofing treatments are ideal if:

  • You live in an area where the roads are salted for winter, or you live near an ocean
  • You plan on keeping your car running for as long as possible
  • You want a better resale value in the future, if you do decide to sell

John's Auto Care Inc. is a Krown installer serving Syracuse, NY, Solvay, NY, Camillus, NY, and surrounding areas. Call (315) 468-6880 to schedule your appointment.

Krown FAQ

What is Krown?

Krown is a rust inhibitor, meaning it's designed to slow or prevent corrosion on vehicles. It is a petroleum based spray with no solvents, making it environmentally safe. It's non-flammable, has no toxins, and can be sprayed in any type of weather.  Krown is sprayed throughout the vehicle, including all metal components, body panels, and hard to reach areas. Once applied, it works by repelling moisture to prevent rust.

Does Rust Check Void My Factory Warranty?

Krown does not void any manufacturer warranties.

Does Krown Drip?

In order to work effectively, Krown must penetrate seams and spot welds. After all areas are sprayed, excess product drips off. Dripping generally lasts between 24-48 hours. Krown is environmentally friendly and will wash away from asphalt driveways in about a week. For concrete and interlocking brick driveways, Krown can direct you to a local location where special cleaning solutions are available.

How Often Should My Vehicle Be Treated for Rust Prevention?

Krown rustproofing treatment should be applied every year to ensure your vehicle is adequately protected from the environment and harsh road chemicals.

Invest in your vehicle for the years ahead when you schedule your Krown body panel and undercarriage rustproofing service at John's Auto Care Inc. If you have any questions, contact us for more information today. We provide automotive rust prevention for Syracuse, NY, Solvay, NY, Camillus, NY, and surrounding areas.

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